Welcome to the Henri Peyre French Institute

Welcome to the Henri Peyre French Institute
Welcome to the Henri Peyre French Institute 2019-02-28T00:51:36+00:00
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More about Édouard Glissant

Édouard Glissant’s Tout-Monde: Transnational Perspectives Symposium

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More about Édouard Glissant


The year is 1701.  The dukes of Bourgogne and of Berry are passing through Montélimar, France.  What would be something representative of Montélimar to give them?  Nougat — a sweet made of egg whites, roasted nuts, [...]


“Le luxe est le pain de ceux qui vivent de brioche.” — André Saurès (1868-1948), Voici l’homme (1906)   Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793) might not have actually said “Qu'ils mangent de la brioche” during the French Revolution, [...]


Absinthe, brandy, Camembert, candy, chocolate, cognac, Cointreau, cookies, Coulommiers cheese, lemon soda, Sauternes — advertising for many food items in France from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries used the Pierrot character.   [...]


Climate change has recently been disturbing coffee production in countries such as Cameroon, Haiti, and Côte d'Ivoire.  The consumer's concerns about reduced flavor quality and increased pricing for a cup of coffee (due to a [...]

At the White House: Honoré Julien, Edith Hern Fossett, and Frances Gillette Hern

April 3, 1807 was a regular workday for the chef Honoré Julien (1760–1830) and his assistants Edith Hern Fossett (1787-1854) and Frances Gillette Hern (1788-after 1827), both of whom were slaves.  When they were preparing [...]


The compotier (a generally long-stemmed dish or bowl for serving dessert or uncooked fruit) has been reworked in exceptional ways by Pierre Reverdy (1889-1960), Juan Gris (1887-1927), Marcel Mültzer (1866-1937), and Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933). [...]