University students in Paris during the Great Depression took the initiative to open a soup kitchen in the Latin Quarter even though they themselves neither did the cooking nor had enough money.  Part of their organizing included procuring the support of university deans, welcoming donations, selling tickets to a fundraising performance, and auctioning a playbill signed by actors.  As for the food on the opening day of the soup kitchen, the students had made arrangements with a restaurant owner named Mister Blondeau, from whom they purchased around a hundred meals.  And the students served as waiters and waitresses.  The following are six newspaper articles noting the efforts of many of the people involved.




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Le Figaro : journal non politique, 1932 mars 03, page 2



Le Journal, 1932 mars 04, page 3



Le Petit Parisien : journal quotidien du soir, 1932 mars 04, page 7



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