Henri Peyre

Henri Peyre

Biography Henri Peyre

Henri Peyre (1901-1988) was born in Paris, but as young child his father’s pastoral duties summoned the family from the national capital to Avignon. Because he was a promising secondary school scholar he was called to Paris to attend the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure. As a normalien he enrolled at the University of Paris where he received his licence in 1922 and his agregation in 1924.

After two years of obligatory military service, he came to the United States to teach at Bryn Mawr (1924-27) and Yale (1927-32). During this first assignment at Yale he completed his doctorat d’État and published his first two books. He then went to Egypt to teach at the University of Cairo (1933-1936) and returned to France to teach at the University of Lyon (1936-1937). He spent the rest of his life on this side of the Atlantic, holding academic positions at Yale University (1938-1969) and the City University Graduate School (1969-1979).

At Yale he was Sterling Professor of French and chair of the department; at the Graduate Center he was Distinguished Professor of French and Executive Officer of the doctoral program. A bibliography published in 1993 lists 44 books, 268 articles, 47 reviews and 57 other publications by him. During this prodigious activity, he was the featured lecturer at hundreds of colleges, universities and civic organizations, the recipient of numerous honorary degrees and, as the 2005 publication of more than a thousand of his letters bears witness, a man dedicated to keeping in touch with his friends; among whom were students, colleagues and famous writers. It was at Bryn Mawr that he met his first wife, Marguerite Vanuxem, who died in 1962. After her death, he married Lois Haegert, the mother of his only son Brice. He later married Diana Festa, professor of French emerita, Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center.

From his very first books, both published by Yale in 1932, Bibliographie critique de l’hellénisme en France de 1843 a 1870. and Louis Ménard (1822-1901), his substantial oeuvre featured defining commentary on major moments of French literature, such as Qu’est-ce que le classicisme? (Nizet, 1965), Qu’est-ce que le romantisme? (Presses Universitaires de France, 1971), and Qu’est-ce que le symbolisme? (PUF, 1974). Henri Peyre also penned substantial monographs on Baudelaire (Prentice-Hall, 1965), Hugo (PUF 1972), Proust (Columbia, 1968), Rimbaud and Verlaine (Nizet, 1975), and Sartre (Columbia, 1968). His critical and comparative studies included Renan et la Grace. (Nizet, 1973), The Failures of Criticism (Cornell, 1967), The Contemporary French Novel (Oxford University Press, 1955), and American Literature Through French Eyes, (University of Virginia Press, 1947).

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Bibliography compiled by Chong Wojtkowski for the Henri Peyre French Institute