Selected Award Recipients

Parfait Kouacou: Spring 2015 to attend the 40th Annual Conference of the New York African Studies Association (NYASA) at Albany Law School, where he presented a paper entitled: “African Child-Soldier Narratives: Rhetorical Strategies as Human Rights Discourse in Novels and Memoirs”.

Marguerite Van Cook: Fall 2015 to attend Toronto Comic Arts Festival, held in conjunction with Toronto Public Library, as speaker on the panel ” Pressing the Limits of Representation.”

Antoinette Williams-Tutt: Fall 2016 to present a paper titled, “Trapping the Past: A Woman’s Exploration of Cree Heritage in Québec” at the American Council for Québec Studies Biennial Conference (ACQS) in Portland, Maine in November, 2017.

Sarah Yahyaoui : Fall 2016. Sarah presented at three conferences.

November 16.Première lecture d’une écriture féministe dans Le centre blanc de Nicole Brossard – American Council for Quebec Studies, Portland, “Conversations, commerce, communautés / Conversations, Commerce, Communities”

October 16, Héritages féministes de Nicole Brossard : La Nouvelle Barre du jour, Les Têtes de pioche – Université de Montréal, Montréal, “‘Mise en récit et mise en commun : Les revues depuis 1976”

September 16. Three Times in Olivia Tapiero’s Career: Conversation with the Author, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, “Versus : Antagonism, Self-Criticism and Hostility in Literature and Art”


This is by no means a full list and is meant to represent the breadth of topics and events that received awards.